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Cosmic Alchemy Activation

(Yoga & Meditation)

With Lola

Here is a last chance to experience this activation in Las Vegas:
Lola Lesley is a Metaphysical Practitioner based in Los Angeles CA and Phenovibe teacher where she completed the Metaphysical Mastery Programs.
She facilitates these activations; how to perceive energy, connect to higher dimensional energy, visit higher dimensional realms and channel that energy into various aspects of life.

COSMIC ALCHEMY experience:
Cosmic Alchemy is a meditative energetic activation that originates from Tibet, a branch of Tantric Buddhism.

During the session a process of relaxing, focusing, and letting your true self re-center, your consciousness will open and become aware of energies beyond the physical.
Cosmic Alchemy is a direct focus on source energy in its most primordial state, a process of deeper and deeper immersion in that energy.
The participant actually sees and experiences source energy and fluid shifting reality.

- Connecting into this energy impacts everyone in a variety of ways:
emotionally, creatively, spiritually, physically, and in particular, however we choose to direct it.

*It activates our latent natural abilities.
*The experience itself is wonderful, and you feel the residual effects of it long after you're done meditating.

During the session we will lead a detailed yoga practice and meditation instructions for understanding the chakras and bringing them into balance. This is for serious students who wish to cultivate subtle energies using ancient methods.

The very first time I experienced this Meditation I was floored by what I felt and saw. The connection you feel with the universe, the visualizations of past lives, future potentials and more, all becomes very real.

Thursday October 10th


online reservation $35, $40 at the door ( Venmo: @Lola-Lisner )
1h30min session, 30 open seats max capacity.
testimonial link; https://www.lolalistener.com/testimonials

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