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ATS/ITS Bellydance

Raven began her studies in oriental, folkloric, and fusion styles of belly dance in 1996 and has consistently taken workshops and classes in many genres of the dance with a strong focus on technique and historical elements of the dance.  

In 2000, she fell in love with the improvisational dance, American Tribal Style®.  The Kumuda Tribal Dance Company is Las Vegas' premier American Tribal Style® Belly Dance performance troupe formed in 2009 after Raven completed her General Skills and Teacher Training I and II in 2009 and earned FCBD® Sister Studio status in March 2009. When teaching and performing ATS® she is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of ATS® as created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman.

Continuing her love of improvisational dance, Raven has added HotPot ITS (Improvisation Tribal Style), which was created by Amy Sigil of UNMATA to her repertoire.  Raven earned her ITS Certified Teacher credential in March 2016 and is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of this energetic improvisational dance discipline.

When she is not working with improv belly dance, she is working with her experimental fusion dance troupe, TABU, which she co-founded in 2007.  TABU is edgy, innovative and playful...mixing cabaret, tribal, dark fusion, folkloric, classical Indian, urban dance styles and their trademark Robot Zombie Funk, TABU pushes the traditional boundaries in challenging new directions, demonstrating that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

LEVEL 1 ATS® Dance Fundamentals

In this 4 week series, you'll learn the basic system of ATS®

in a fun and supportive environment.


Dance Fundamentals will have you dancing

in your very first class! Each one hour class will provide

the foundation of ATS® dance with the instructions and drills in

posture, body angle, Level 1 movements, basic zills and music theory.

*Best class for beginners.*



MIXED LEVEL 2 and 3 Tribal Combinations and Improvisational Drills

This class is a combination of the movements in Leve2 and Level 3

of the ATS vocabulary plus improvisational drills

in formation, zill drills and advanced music theory.

To take this class you must understand the

Level 1 Dance Fundamentals (See Level One, above.)

Twelve-week cycle unless otherwise noted above.

*This class is the next step after Fundamentals



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